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Texas Climate News

Yes, Texas summers really are hotter, more humid today than 40 years ago


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From Asthma to Eczema, 8 Health Problems That Peak in Summer

Discover Magazine

This Gut Bacteria Makes People Drunk Without Drinking—And Causes Liver Disease

Study Finds Air Pollution Particles Can Get Inside the Placenta

Audubon Magazine

North America Has Lost More Than 1 in 4 Birds in the Last 50 Years, New Study Says

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These Photos Reveal the Pollination Secrets of Florida’s Most Elusive Flower

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The Golden-cheeked Warbler Is Still Endangered, Federal Judge Rules

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Confirmed: Two Endangered Seabirds Have Been Rediscovered on Oahu

Guardians of the Grebes

In Alaska, Starving Seabirds and Empty Colonies Signal a Broken Ecosystem

¿Comó se llama? How Birds Get Their Spanish Names

Court Orders EPA to Ban Pesticide Harmful to Children and Birds Within 60 Days

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Once a Polluted Mess, Now a Healthy Riverside Park

Popular Science

The fastest animal for its body size probably isn’t what you’d expect

How 3D technology is revolutionizing face transplants

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This year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry ‘rewards a revolution based on evolution’

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Weedkiller weakens bees by messing with their microbiomes

How alcohol does—and doesn’t—affect your memory

Donated organs rarely spread disease, thanks to these protocols

We already know air pollution hurts your heart—and it might also hurt your brain

Humans are natural runners—and this ancient gene mutation might have helped


Podcast: Dog cloning, explained

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A guide to cervical cancer screenings at every age

What pushes a major city to the brink of running out of water?

Scuttleship Farm (Video)

Alaskans take to the seas to fight climate change

Size isn’t the only thing that matters during an earthquake

Climate detectives use kauri tree clues to uncover secrets from Antarctica


Astronaut Blood May Not Act Weird in Space After All