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Brood X Cicadas Could Cause a Bird Baby Boom

Psychological Trauma is the Next Crisis for Coronavirus Health Workers

How Doctors and Nurses Manage Coronavirus Grief


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Recycling Plants Are Catching on Fire, and Lithium-Ion Batteries are to Blame

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Should Gasoline Come With A Climate Change Warning Label? These Cities Think So

Corporations are Waking Up to the Climate Crisis, But It’s Not Enough

Climate Change Is Threatening Our Jobs—And Most Companies Are Doing Nothing

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When it comes to carbon neutrality, Texas schools have a long way to go

Climate-changing methane emissions climb in West Texas, other oil/gas areas

Climate change plus looser pesticide rules may imperil declining Texas bees

Yes, Texas summers really are hotter, more humid today than 40 years ago

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Unmatched Doctors: How Big Is the Problem, and What Can Be Done?

‘Dreck’ to Drama: How the Media Handled, and Got Handled, By Covid

How to Make Resident Mental Healthcare Stigma-Free

First Cybersecurity Chief of Medical Devices Takes the Reins at the FDA

Doctors Publish Paper on COVID-19 Protocol; Experts Unconvinced

Hospitals Admit Fewer COVID-19 Patients After Lessons Learned

Doctors Say Their COVID-19 Protocol Saves Lives. Others Want Proof.

Sexist Description in Surgical Textbook Highlight Bias in Medicine, Physicians Say

Dexamethasone for COVID-19: Some Hospitals Wait to Change Practice

Most of Fed’s Remdesivir to be Distributed by End of Month

Remdesivir Shortens COVID-19 Time to Recovery in Published Study

What are the Fed’s Plans for Distributing Remdesivir? 

Hospitals Update Hydroxychloroquine Protocols After FDA Warnings

In Pursuit of Real Coronavirus Numbers

Silence Over Safety? Muzzling Clinicians a Public Health Issue

Urine Collection Cups to Get Red-Carpet Treatment at Oscars

‘G-Spot’ Slide Ignites Outrage About Content at Conference

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A Closer Look at Exact Sciences, The Company Behind Cologuard

COVID-19 Pandemic Forces Hold for GI Trials

Fewer Women Receive Liver Transplants Than Men

GI Practices Scramble to Cope with COVID-19

Recommendations for Children With Celiac Disease Need Update

Study of Costs and Risks of Prophylactic Clipping Finds Threshold

Do Advanced Endoscopy Fellowships Better Prepare Physicians for Endoscopic Mucosal Resection?

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Cancer Is On The Rise Among Young People

How Caffeine and Alcohol Can Make Your Mental Health Worse

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How Antidepressants Work is Still a Mystery Scientists Don’t Understand

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Is Herd Immunity Our Best Weapon Against COVID-19?

Mild Cases of COVID-19 May Have Helped Power the Current Pandemic—Here’s Why

Asymptomatic Carriers Are Fueling the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Feel Sick to Spread the Disease

Trials Are Underway For a Coronavirus Vaccine—But It Could Be A While Before You Can Get It

Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus: Separating Truth From Misinformation

What Defines a ‘Pandemic,’ And How Are They Stopped?

Long After the Flames Go Out, Wildfire Smoke and Its Impact Lingers—Even if We Can’t See It

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak: What It Is and How We’re Dealing With It

Microplastics Are Everywhere, But Their Health Effects on Humans Are Still Unclear

Is It Ever Too Late to Start Being Healthy?

What Is A Calorie?

Are You An Aspirational Recycler? Here’s 9 Things You Actually Can’t Recycle

Why Desalinating Water is Hard and Why We Might Need to Anyway

Intense Stress Might Hurt Our Cells’ Ability to Make Energy, Study Finds

Thousands-of-Years-Old Baby Bottles Reveal How Ancient Infants Were Fed

This Gut Bacteria Makes People Drunk Without Drinking—And Causes Liver Disease

Study Finds Air Pollution Particles Can Get Inside the Placenta

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One Professor’s Quest to Build Community Through Birding Takes Flight

These Student-Led Audubon College Clubs Are About Much More Than Birding

‘Black Birders Week’ Promotes Diversity and Takes on Racism in the Outdoors

After Hurricane Dorian, a Survey Shows Hope and Concern For Bahamas’ Birds

Hurricane Maria Almost Wiped Out These Hawks. Can We Save Them Before the Next Big Storm?

North America Has Lost More Than 1 in 4 Birds in the Last 50 Years, New Study Says

Seabird Experts Turn to Algorithms to Help Keep Fishing Boats in Line

These Photos Reveal the Pollination Secrets of Florida’s Most Elusive Flower

These Birds of Prey Have Eyes in the Backs of their Heads

Lead Ammo, the Top Threat to Condors, Is Now Outlawed in California

Sooty Tern Vomit Tells a Worrisome Story

Did Crows Actually Make These Gifts for the Human Who Feeds Them?

A Birder’s Workout Guide for Preventing Warbler Neck

When David Sibley is your Art Teacher

Rude: Kingfishers, Grebes, and Gulls Are Among the Internet’s Least Popular Birds

Nuthatches Take Up Nannying When There’s a Shortage of Mates

How birds Are Helping Scientists Reimagine a Feathered T. Rex

The National Parks Have a Diversity Problem. This Couple Has been Working for 20 Years to Fix It.

Hummingbirds Shake Their Tail Feathers to Generate High-Pitched Sounds

The Golden-cheeked Warbler Is Still Endangered, Federal Judge Rules

Puffins Amp Up Their Sex Appeal With Glowing Beaks

Confirmed: Two Endangered Seabirds Have Been Rediscovered on Oahu

Guardians of the Grebes

In Alaska, Starving Seabirds and Empty Colonies Signal a Broken Ecosystem

¿Comó se llama? How Birds Get Their Spanish Names

Court Orders EPA to Ban Pesticide Harmful to Children and Birds Within 60 Days

Piping Plovers Nest in Toronto’s Shadow for First Time in 84 Years

Here’s Why This Mama Merganser Has More Than 50 Ducklings

The Origins of Hummingbirds Are Still a Major Mystery

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Science stories to save you from awkward Thanksgiving conversations

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Do we need an opioid 1,000 times more powerful than morphine? The FDA thinks so.

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IBD Patients Report Their Reactions To Biological Therapies

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Automated Dose Rounding Yields $3.6 Million in Savings

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Reduced Washout Period Between Metronidazole and Bulsulfan Possible


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5 Ways Boredom is Actually Great for Kids

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